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makes the history matching (HM) of reservoir simulation models faster, more reliable, easier, and more accurate while assuring consistency between the interpreted and refined source data and the simulation model. 

LYNX provides the asset team with powerful analysis aids to facilitate the interactive HM process. Engineers have carried out history matching through simulation for over 40 years. 

LYNX now provides the engineer with a tool that significantly streamlines and accelerates the history matching process.
Developing and history matching reservoir models is data intensive requiring petrophysics, geology, production, fluid, and rock information to be processed and interpreted into a coherent geologic and simulation model of the reservoir.
A reservoir simulator is then used to test this model against actual performance data (fluid rates, pressures, and concentrations).
Inconsistencies in the simulation model versus actual performance must be reconciled and adjustments made to the reservoir model.

LYNX provides the practical tools and workflow to review and resolve these inconsistencies quickly and to make the necessary adjustments in a manner that is consistent with all other relevant data. This is achieved by the property modification facilities that substantially eliminate the manual editing of the simulation data set.

LYNX is designed with a complementary set of tools for interacting with commercial

MatchingPro® is the latest innovative history matching (HM) technology from NITEC that is very easy to use, fully utilizes available computing resources, and provides fast, reliable HM solutions. MatchingPro only requires a reservoir simulation modelcombined with historical production, injection, and pressure data to accurately and efficiently determine the best HM solution based on the selected HM parameters.

MatchingPro® can function in auto or manual modes to achieve a high quality HM solution. In the MatchingPro auto mode, simulation cases are designed, run, and evaluated without user intervention. The number of simulation cases required is typically six to eight times the number of HM parameters. HM quality measurements are updated and displayed with each new simulation case that is run. The process is expedited by utilizing multiple computer CPUs, when available.

MatchingPro®’s cutting edge technology makes use of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Genetic Algorithms (GA), and statistical methods. These algorithms quickly reveal the complex relationships among the HM parameters and the simulation results (the mismatch in simulated versus historical volumes and pressures).

MatchingPro® quantifies the quality of each HM case and recommends the best combination of HM parameters to achieve the best HM solution.

MatchingPro® can also determine multiple HM solutions (model characterizations) and provide a quantification of their probabilities of occurrence. Reservoir simulation is a key tool in the asset manager’s quest to maximiz recoveries and enhance reserves. History matching of reservoir simulation models is a critical step in the reservoir evaluation and field development process.