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Intelligence and the Message

IntelliGence company provides distinguished services by deriving its strength from the experience of its founders and partners and its valued participation of the institutions that deal with it. We follow the performance of the methodology that combines academic and operational flexibility. 

IntelliGence does not feel satisfied unless we succeed in meeting the needs of organizations that provide those services and to achieve this goal, our mission is to maintain the lead in the field of training and consultancy, solutions and applications.

Who we are:

IntelliGence was founded on the diversity of experiences between East and West , We are a group of consultants and experts in the field of oil and gas industry aiming to provide the best possible services to the companies of the industrial sector, oil and gas companies, ministries and government agencies and banks. IntelliGence and its partners had the opportunity to implement many courses in the technical and administrative area and to provide many various consultancy in the field of Engineering and Administration.

IntelliGence has practical experience since 1994 and multinational experts, we cooperate with 2000 experts, consultants and engineers, scientifically qualified and are selected on the basis of scientific and international practices, they are distinguished on a global level in their field, they are experienced and speak English, Arabic, German and other languages, may have to provide their expertise and services of scientific and practical knowledge to a large number of public and private institutions in the world. 

IntelliGence aims to specialize in all areas that we offer because we have the expertise and tools which enable us to do it. We are always looking for partners that have international experience and apply the highest quality standards so we have confidence to say we are a group of companies leading managerial training - artistic - hospital management and medical cities, because of the multiplicity of our experiences diversity and specialization of our partners. 

IntelliGence was selected the training sessions and the way to prepare and use the method training by foundations and Global Studies, which is characterized by vision, which had been developed and refined to keep abreast of changes that occur in the labor market and through our of specialized scientific institutions as well as universities and research centers in the world in addition to follow-up by our experts consultants directors of our centers and officials trainers in where we presence to the search and inquire about the courses and what is new, as well as send evaluation reports of the trainees attending our courses.

Intelligence Aspiration

Is to be "world class in everything we do", and we want to be held accountable to this standard.We are striving to build a team of world class people, who deliver world classtraining solutions, and who are backed up at all times by world class customerservice and key account managers.

Our Vision

As a leading training and consulting company that sets the highest standards of quality and service in the region, GENCE aims to cultivate professional competence and to provide effective business and human capital solutions.

Our Mission

  • Dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.
  • Relying on multilingual consultants who have international work experience coupled with in-depth cross-cultural.
  • And industry-specific knowledge of the region
  • Relying on a partner for each specialty
  • Providing innovative and practical solutions to our valued clients, based on best practices and current research
  • To serve as a source of information and expertise that provides quality customer service and their ever changing needs
  • We are strategic partners in building businesses by maximizing the value of human capital and aligning it with company initiatives, values, strategies and the needs of all stakeholders
  • To provide high quality, cost effective human capital consulting services to all customers


  • Value-added
  • Customer Service
  • Integrity