Reservoir Engineering On-line Supportreservoir

RE-Support is a technical team who can provide on-line support to solve specific RE technical issues. This service is presented for clients within the Middle East region as it does not require traveling. The team will provide the technical advice either by e-mail or via phone call.
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The following are examples for these technical issues:
QA/QC needed from each discipline to continue the modelling loop
Type of integration needed between different disciplines
Issues related to well performance and design

Production Optimization Studies (POS)

POS is the process of looking to well and reservoir data and analyzes them in an integrated approach with multiple surface and subsurface disciplines. The objectives of the team who will perform such studies are to increase production, enhance recovery, while lowering costs.

Integrated Reservoir Studies (IRS)

IRS is a combination and co-ordination of separate and diverse elements or units into a more complete or harmonious method of working.
Therefore it is considered as a process whereby extra value is produced. In the petroleum industry, integration primarily concerned with the manner in which different disciplines efforts are combined to improve an established analytical process.

Water Management Studies (WMS)

Matured oil fields are basically suffering from high water production rates. Part of this water is good water and part is bad water.
WRS is a process that we can apply to diagnose where we can decrease the amount of the bad water, hence reducing the cost per barrel of oil produced.

EPTS Quick Solutions Process (EPQS)

EPQS is a process defined by a group of highly experienced people. The process consists of proprietary analysis techniques aimed to analyzing the reservoir data on a large scale and in a short time frame. This analysis will help the operators to select the best candidates for work-over and the best location to drill infill wells

Reservoir Simulation Studies (RSS)

RSS is an area of reservoir engineering in which computer models are developed to model physical phenomena involved during flow in porous media. These models are essential for the understanding of reservoir processes (oil, gas and water flow). Number of methods and tools are used for this purpose, varying from commercial reservoir simulators to specially developed and dedicated models.
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