Charles S. Albritton

Soft Skills Training

Charles S. Albritton has in depth involvement with leading edge Accelerated Learning, along with an M.B.A from Florida State University, additional graduate courses towards Ed. M. from Boston University &, participated in the 2 year George Washington University Doctoral Executive Leadership Program.  His hands on involvement in developing & delivering creative management learning events, organizational development activities, internal and external management consulting, and 40 years living in different international cross cultural environments has provided him a rich perspective and excitement for the many forms of Global Accelerated Learning.  He explores those opportunities that maximize his ability to assist others (nations, organizations, groups, & individuals) to reach higher laudable performance. He is a Past President of Nesma Holding Toastmasters club, and is Past Area 11 Governor for six clubs in, District 79, Division G, Jeddah and is a TM ACB/ALB.


During 2009 he has begun to integrate how senior management and executives can touch their potential with a variety of whole brain techniques and truly transformational leadership skills that can increase personal and organizational performance that inspires trust.   Along this line in the last year, he has run 4 or 5 highly successful Touch Your Potential seminars including emotional intelligence for fast track executives from Saudi Airlines, including 3 groups of Flight Operations senior captains and management.  During October 2009, he helped design and deliver a highly successful experiential Strategic Leadership seminar for a Proctor and Gamble Plant Manager and his “Pillars” senior leaders.   The focus was on the Key Leadership requirement for the global economy…trust building.


During 2010 Ayman completed a variety of management seminars for National Commercial Bank (Strategic Thinking Skills, Influencing Skills, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Creative Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence etc).  He also developed a highly successful two day behavioral interviewing skills seminar for SABIC and they planned 27 seminars to cover over 350 employees.  He and two other facilitators are providing the training based on his design, materials, and professional slides. 


Ayman has done a number of executive development seminars including strategic management for executives in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.  He has two main professional passions on which he has worked with CEO’s and Senior Level Executives: Executive Leadership and Organization culture.


These two passions, executive leadership and organization culture, stemmed from his study with Dr. Marshal Sashkin and Dr Daniel Denison while participating in the George Washington University Doctoral Executive Leadership Program (ELP). He has used both Dr Sashkin’s leadership profile and Dr Denison’s organizations culture survey to help small and large companies use Executive level tran transformational leadership behaviors


His “Executive Strategic Potential Experience” is highly recommended.  Some of the topics to be experienced will be… an increase in memory, Creativity with mind mapping applied, how to process written material much faster,  how to apply  MBA…(Mind, Body, Attitude) to attract greater levels of success,  techniques of the Power of Focus, and How to Increase the Speed of Trust, and emotional intelligence.