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Employee Relations: Motivation, Grievances and Discipline

Life in the world of work is constantly on the move. To succeed you must move with it or better still, ahead of it. This course will show you how you can win by employing your staff well. You will examine the latest ideas and thinking to equip you for ‘Best Practice ER’.

ER cannot be just about employees. It is the perceptions of employee and employer, of their mutual obligations’.

ER covers the employee’s life with you from before he or she is recruited until long after they have left you. Today, right now, you have a reputation! What is that reputation saying about your organisation? Your best recruiters are your employees – BUT – and it is a big but, only if you treat them well. Are they engaged? Are they partners in what you are trying to achieve?

  • Understand what constitutes an effective Employee Relations programme
  • Appreciate the impact of employee relations on organizational development
  • Clearly demonstrate how Employee Relations impacts the bottom line of organizations
  • The psychological contract and Employee Relations (ER)
  • Corporate culture and its impact upon ER
  • Designing supportive ER policies and procedures
  • Impact of stress upon ER
  • Impact of managing Human Resource Key Result Areas (KRAs)
  • The line managers’ role in ER – we are all HR managers!
  • Changing perceptions – staff as a revenue center not a cost
  • Impact of staff on the bottom-line
  • Defining competency to use individuals to greatest effect
  • Securing profit and increased efficiency through innovation
  • Opening channels for employees’ ideas
  • Assessing and using the intellectual capital of an organization
  • Motivating staff and managing performance
  • The employee as internal customer – revealing what employees really think
  • New concepts of human capital management ’accounting for people’
  • Preparing a ‘way ahead’ policy – fitting ER into a strategic plan