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HR Skills for HR Assistants

Are you looking to grow your HR or recruitment skills?

Unlike any other generalist HR courses, this course for new HR Assistants & Recruitment Professionals strikes a balance between the legal and critical employment issues whilst equipping you with practical skills in dealing with real-life situations.

This course will also help you identify the strategic role of creating HR value within your organization.

  • The building blocks to be a successful HR practitioner
  • A robust approach to attraction, recruitment, retention and HR management of staff
  • Legislative requirements with practical examples and discussions to help apply employment law in real workplaces
  • Inductions, performance programmes and systems involved in the HR function
  • How to make sound recruitment decisions


Employment Market Overview

  • Trends & Demographics
  • Economic impacts

Attraction Strategies

  • Building an employment brand
  • Candidate databases & portals
  • Proactive attraction
  • Practical Exercise: Creating your employment brand

Advertising & Position Descriptions

  • Writing and placing a good job advert
  • Identifying competencies & building a position description framework
  • Practical Exercise: Competencies

Managing Internal Clients

  • Managing timelines and expectations
  • Dealing with difficult clients

Recruitment Overview

  • Understanding the recruitment process
  • Structured interview process
  • Behavioural based interviewing
  • Making verbal referencing work for you
  • Assessing candidates and making an informed recruitment decision


Understanding Employment Agreements, Terms and Conditions

  • Elements of an employment agreement
  • Dealing with different types of contracts

Understanding Pay and Benefits

  • Determining pay levels
  • Performance related pay
  • Employment benefits


  • Inductions vs. Orientations
  • Creating induction programmes
  • Matching inductions to realities of company culture, behaviours & values
  • Linking induction to development and performance reviews

Practical Exercise: Create an induction framework for your company.

Training & Development

  • Linking development needs to role competencies
  • Creating ongoing development programmes
  • Utilising internal resources and mentors

Performance Management

  • Structuring a performance management programme
  • Working with managers
  • Identifying and collating information

Disciplinary Procedures - Overview

  • Guiding principles – fairness and good faith
  • Disciplinary actions – step by step
  • What to include in verbal/written warnings


  • Dealing with resignations
  • Entitlements
  • How to conduct exit interviews