Course Schedule

Human Resource Business Professional (HRBP℠)

The field of Human Resource Management has been rapidly evolving to address newly emerging and increasingly complex areas of responsibility within the profession. Human resource specialists are being asked to understand and deal with a variety of important functions, including implementing and interpreting legal policy and procedure, administering intricate benefits and compensation programs, and dealing with potentially litigious workplace complaints. Today's human resource specialists are faced with an unprecedented challenge in meeting the staffing needs of constantly changing organizations in an era of a highly competitive labor market. From strategic planning to cost/benefit analysis, human resource managers play a key role in all facets of an organization.

The Human Resource Management Professional Certificate Program provides a current, comprehensive, and practical grounding in the major functions of the human resource manager and prepares students to pursue a professional career in this challenging and rewarding field.

Human resource professionals who want to move up the career ladder must expand their skills beyond human resources. To be a bigger player in the strategies and logistics of your organization, you must develop acumen in a variety of business areas, including finance and budgeting, strategic planning and deployment, project management, and communications.

  • Expand your knowledge of business areas outside HR
  • Develop a more in-depth knowledge of specific aspects of HR
  • Arm yourself with the information you need to move up the career ladder
  • Understanding of human resource management as a practical and theoretical science
  • Tools and principles for immediate application in a human resource management environment
  • Current human resource management philosophies, trends, laws, and regulatory and financial issues

Day One - Module 1:

  • An Introduction to Human Resource Management

Day One and Two - Module 2:

  • Legal Aspects of Employment Practice

Day Three - Module 3 & 4:

  • Managing Employee Compensation & Benefit Programs
  • Effective Recruitment, Selection, and Retention

Day Four - Module 5:

  • Human Resource Development

Day Five- Module 6 & 7:

  • Understanding Individual and Organizational Behavior
  • Exercises & Group Discussions

Adjuvant tools for course implementation:

  • Attendant Manual Book.
  • Power Point Presentation.
  • Flipchart & white board.
  • Compact Disc (entire course as WinWord Format and PPT Copy).
  • Case presentation and problem solving.
  • Group Discussion.
  • Post-assessment for each trainee.
  • Final implementation report edited by instructor.