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Leadership for HR Professionals

The Leadership Development for Human Resource Professional program is a four day program designed for middle to senior level HR managers and leaders within the HR field.

The program helps participants learn how to gain and use influence to become a better strategic partner and how to better lead the creation of strategic value of the HR function.

As HR functions take on greater strategic importance, their leaders need additional skills. They are challenged to:

  • Understand where the organization is headed and use the HR function to help lead the way.
  • Influence senior business leaders and leverage HR's perspective and potential.
  • Support the business strategy and planning process - and carry out effective talent strategies.

What Will I Learn?

Leadership Development for HR Professionals gives leaders new skills to fuel themselves — and the organization.

Leadership Development for HR Professionals focuses on unique context and needs of leading and growing a strategic human resources function. Leaders in the program explore:

  • Self-awareness.

Participants understand leadership behaviors and their impact, identify strengths and development needs, and create development goals and plans.

  • Engaging and influencing.

Participants gain fresh perspectives and specific how-to's to maximize HR's impact on the organization.

  • Building organizational capability and culture.

Participants examine the HR role as a credible activist, capability builder, a facilitator of organizational change and key player in executing business strategy.

Attending Leadership Development for HR Professionals also gives participants the opportunity to:

  • Create a plan of action to address a complex organizational challenge.
  • Stimulate personal and career growth through a targeted, highly personalized developmental experience in the company of their peers.
  • Network with other human resources professionals.
  • Apply and extend the learning with access to online job aids and a resource library.