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Manpower Planning Resourcing & Retention

This HR Training programme explores recent thinking and developments in the field of Human Resource Manpower Planning and its role in enabling the business goals and organizational strategy. It investigates and evaluates a range of approaches in job design and structuring, recruitment and resourcing together with strategies to retain talent into the future. It considers a range of established as well as leading edge processes and techniques to fulfill these situations.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Build a workforce structure that will have the sustained capability and motivation to achieve your company's strategic objectives
  • Find, hire, deploy, develop, motivate, retain and plan for succession
  • Better be able to select and design talent management processes to engage and maximize from the talent within the company.
  • Determine and apply the most appropriate job design techniques to deliver the performance of the role.
  • Recognize and understand the key drivers to inspirational motivation, taking ordinary people to extra-ordinary performance
  • Design a Succession Plan strategy for key positions within the organisation
  • Lead a programme of activities devised to keep your talent.
  • Prepare an Action Plan to progress a personal undertaking to deliver improvements in Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Retention.

Participants will be required to undertake some Pre-course work in preparation for the programme. Course members will leave the programme with a clear Action Plan for the furthering of their personal contribution to the Manpower Plan of their organisation.

Designed for both line managers and experience HR management staff.